Viivenne Cawson, 'Painting Orchids in Watercolour' front cover

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5 January 2020

Vivienne Cawson's new book, 'The Kew Book of Painting Orchids in Watercolour' has just been published by Search Press in January 2020.

Meet the artist: Vivienne Cawson

Saturday 18 January

2pm - 4pm

RBSA Gallery
4 Brook Street, Birmingham B3 1SA

On Saturday, 18 January 2pm - 4pm, Vivienne will be demonstrating and signing copies of her book at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, where she is also a member. Entry is free and everyone welcome

"This book celebrates orchids in a very real a practical way," says Dr Martyn Rix, editor of Curtis's Botanical Magazine, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.  "It will inspire many to observe and records their beauty and the wonder of their glorious diversity, colour and form."

The book contains a thorough techniques section that guides you through Vivienne's decision-making, colour-matching and painting process. It teaches you how to capture form with speed and confidence, paint different leaf, flower and root shapes, and created different textures. The book contains exercise that will home your skills and encourage your artistic intuition, follow by three step-by-step projects.

Photograph of Vivienne Cawson

Viivenne Cawson

Vivienne Cawson's luminous painting style perfectly captures the striking beauty of orchids. The paintings feature touches of watercolour pencil and crayon, along with panels of gouache, which complement the delicate watercolour.

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Published in January priced £14.99, the book is interspersed with images from the Kew art collection, and is available for purchase from Search Press click here